School Board Policies

The Board of Education is responsible for making policies to govern the operations of the NTC district, including the Board itself, business operations, campus operations, curriculum and personnel.  The following is a complete list of the current school board policies.

Board of Education

1000 General Information
1001 Affirmative Action Policy
1002 Organization & Composition of the District
1003 NT Organizational Chart
1004 Mission Statement
1005 Resolution Board Members Health Insurance
1006 Name Change
1010 Philosophy
1020 Membership of the Board
1030 Meetings of the Board
1040 Rules of Order
1050 Duties of the Officers
1060 Responsibilities of the Board
1070 NTC Code of Ethics
1080 Executive Authority
1090 Office of the Superintendent

Business Operations

2000 Business Operations
2002 Procurement Policy for Federal Programs
2005 Purchasing Policy
2010 Use of Facilities
2011 Energy Conservation
2020 Inventories
2021 Asset Capitalizations
2030 Equipment Control
2040 Student Transportation & School Vehicles
2050 Maintenance of School Vehicles
2060 Annual Audit
2065 Fund Balance Policy
2070 Travel & Mileage Expense Reimbursement
2075 District-Owned Credit Cards
2080 Management of Investment Funds
2090 Oklahoma Guard Reserve Tuition Waiver
2100 Document Retention & Destruction
2110 Identity Theft Prevention
2111 Credit Card Security
2120 Surety Bonds for Superintendent Financial Officers

Campus Operations

3000 Campus Site Operations
3010 Purpose
3020 Admissions
3021 13th-Year Tuition Waiver
3030 Attendance
3035 Student Absences for Activities
3036 Appropriate Attire for Faculty & Staff Attending Student Activities
3037 Criteria for Participation in District, State, National and International Contest
3038 Student Meal Reimbursement Policy
3040 Student Behavior and Discipline
3041 Policy Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying
3042 Safe School Committees & Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committees
3050 Safety Drills and Emergency Management
3051 Short-Term Evening Class Policy
3052 Network/Internet Access, Safety and Use Statement
3053 Wireless Telecommunication Devices - Students
3054 Assaults Upon School Employees
3056 Interference with the Peaceful Conduct of Technology Center Activities
3057 Technology Use Policy
3058 Student Diabetes Care and Management
3059 Board Requirements for Drug and Alcohol Free Schools
3060 Drug and Alcohol Screening Nursing Student Procedural Guidelines
3061 Student Drug Abuse Policy
3062 Rules for Students Regarding Drugs and Alcohol Under the Drug Free Schools and Communities ACT Amendments of 1989
3063 Student Search and Seizure Policy
3064 Administration of Medication to Students
3065 Policy Concerning the Use of Drug Detecting Dogs
3066 Use of Tobacco on School Property
3067 Campus Security Policy and Annual Security Report
3070 Hazard Communication Program
3071 Blood Borne Pathogens Plan
3072 Safety Program
3073 Production of Open Records
3080 Live Project Work Policy for Daytime Operations
3085 Policy Directing Observation of Moment of Silence
3090 Activity Funds
3091 Campus Safety and the Jeanne Clery Act
3100 Section 504 of Rehab Act of 1973 Title II of ADA
3101 Student Organizations - Notice Regarding Student Organizations Parental Right to Withhold
3102 Student Organizations - Policy on Sponsorship and Closed Student Forums
3103 Student Records


4000 Curriculum
4010 Methods of Instruction
4020 Supervision and Planning of Curriculum
4030 Program Evaluation and Accreditation
4035 Closure of Programs & Elimination of Instructional Positions
4040 Adult Education
4045 Professional and Curriculum Development


5000 Personnel Selection
5001 Non-Discrimination Statement
5002 Grievance of Procedure Retaliation Filing Complaints Alleging Discrimination Form
5003 Family and Medical Leave Policy
5004 Worker's Compensation Policy
5005 Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers
5006 Campaign Activities During Regular School Day
5007 Dress Code Policy
5008 Employment Application and Interview Procedures
5010 Selection of Certified Personnel
5020 Acceptance of Employee Resignations
5030 Teacher Assignment
5040 Professional Advancement
5041 NT Teacher of the Year
5042 NT Support Employee of the Year
5043 NT Educator of the Year
5049 Evaluations of Instructors and Administrators
5050 Teacher Salary Schedule
5054 Educational Incentive
5055 Support Employee Salary Schedule
5056 Fair Labor Standards Act Policy
5060 Substitute Teachers
5065 Professional Development
5066 ACTE Instructional Staff Selection Policy
5070 Employee Benefits
5075 Insurance and Other Benefits
5080 Retirement
5081 Retirement Incentive Program
5082 Sick Leave
5089 Personal/Emergency Leave Policy for Regular Part-Time Employees
5090 Personal-Emergency Leave
5091 Maternity Leave
5092 Annual Leave
5093 Holidays
5094 Dismissal of Non-renewal of Contract
5095 Suspension Demotion Term or Non-re-employment of Support
5095-A Policy on Suspension, Dismissal and Non-re-employment of Teachers
5096 Reduction in Force
5097 Policy of Testing Employees and Applicants - Alcohol/Drugs
5097-A Policy on Alcohol and Drug Testing for Bus Drivers
5098 Sick Leave Donation Policy
5099 Harassment Policy
5100 Discriminatory Harassment and Retaliation
5101 Criminal Records Search Policy
5102 Employee Annual Criminal Record Questionnaire
5103 Professional Conduct by Staff
5104 Wireless Telecommunication Devices (Employees)
5105 Use of Internet and Social Networks and Other Forms of Communication
5106 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

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